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Stars of the Stars – LIVER

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[Dongbu Herbal Agricultural Association Corporation]

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Stars of the Stars – LIVER

│ Description │

* Korean medicinal herbs that have been recognized for protecting the liver and enhancing its function are used.

* It can help improve liver function through mixed medicinal herbs.
1) Oriental Raisin Tree : Hepato-protective effect, jaundice, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, colitis
2) Coriolus versicolor : Hepato-protective effect, remove moisture, subdue anger, a fatal disease in urine, hepatitis B, hepatitis, chronic bronchitis

│ Ingredient │

Korea(Oriental Raisin Tree, Coriolus versicolor, Artemisia Capillaris, the root bark of various araliaceous shrubs, the fruit of the Chinese matrimony vine, tangerine peel, Saururus chinensis)

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Stars of the Stars _ LIVER